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The HZL NUSSDORF is a private health care institution, a laboratory for clinically orientated anatomical pathology in the old Austrian medical tradition, where it combines the fields of morphology with the fields of microbiology. In this it is unusual in comparison to international standards.

The laboratory was set up in 1986 when it consisted of one pathologist, one part-time secretary and one technologist. Today it has grown into a middle size enterprise, employing a staff of about 25 technicians and four physicians. At this moment we perform approximately 37.000 investigations a year.

We do work only for living people and we do not perform forensic investigations or post-mortems. We also do no chemical or blood investigations.

Our aim is to assist our clinical colleagues in the understanding of our patients' ailments. We uncover unanticipated illnesses, recognize early stages of abnormalities, find their origin and source and calculate the pending risk for the patient. We play a crucial role in the control of illnesses, the benefit of therapies, the monitoring of the onset and development of diseases and we are more and more involved in preventive medicine.

Our methods of investigation are histology (evaluation of tissue sections), cytology (evaluation of great quantities of single cells), bacteriology (growth, identification an determination of antibiotic resistance of bacteria), mycology (determination of species and testing of antimycotic resistance), parasitology (native and exotic parasites) as well as molecular pathology (investigation of malfunctions as a result of damage to proteins and nucleic acids).

With the exception of post-mortems and a lower number of large scale surgical specimens our laboratory compares well with similar institutions in municipal hospitals.

We accept any specimens in our field, no matter of what origin and from whom.

We take it as our responsibility to provide the correct diagnosis under all circumstances. Cases too unusual for our equipment we refer to specialized centres and deliver their expertise to the inquiring party. We receive our orders for investigation from the municipal area of Vienna and most of Austria's Federal communities.

If you are interested in our services you can find an overview in our "Spectrum in English". The HZL Nussdorf cooperates with all private physicians and private hospitals by means of our well established logistical system. We have a specialized system for the collection of the specimens and our reports are delivered by messenger post or digitally.

All medical data, the expertises, the paraffin blocks and the slides are stored for further use and kept in an archive for 30 years. Due to the early introduction of electronic devices our database is one of the oldest Austrian medical databases and most probably the oldest pathological database in Austria in perfect working condition. At the end of 2002 it referred to approximately 375.000 pathological reports, concerning 176.000 different patients and 1.850 inquiring institutions. All data can be accessed in real time and the system allows the handling of even very sophisticated inquiries and statistics.

In case you are interested in our services, please contact us. You find all our adresses in the impressum. According to your wish we can arrange to communicate with you in English, French, Spanish or Serbian.